Mass Cards

Bellarmine receives prayer requests online and in the Book of Prayer Intentions that we keep at the door of our Chapel. We remember our retreatants and benefactors, and those special prayer requests, at Bellarmine’s daily Mass. 

 If you request a memorial Mass to be offered in memory of a loved one, or as an honorarium for a special intention, we will prepare a Mass card and send on your behalf, letting the recipient know that a Mass is being offered on a specific date and time.

 Or, you may enroll your loved one in Bellarmine’s Sacred Heart Perpetual Mass Society. A Mass card will be prepared and sent, letting your loved one know that they will be remembered in a special way at Mass each Friday here at Bellarmine.

Sacred Heart Chapel

    Pre-Order Mass Cards

    Some of our friends wish to order a supply of cards, then send them out as the need occurs. For these occasions, we offer a supply of 5 cards with return envelopes. 

    As you use the cards, you can return the gift envelope and your mass information with an offering in the envelope, or you may enter your Mass request online through our Request a Mass (No Card) page. We’ll process the request, and your intention will be placed in the Sacred Heart Chapel. Daily Masses are celebrated, where the names of these faithful are remembered in Masses celebrated by the Bellarmine Jesuits.